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(Re)Designing a Data Center

This year I have the both the miss fortune and the pleasure of being the project lead on a project to redesign an old data center. Some years ago (2006ish I believe) we built a new building and in the basement housed, at the time, a very fancy data center. A far cry from the old “network closet” we had in the old building. We went from two 2-post racks and two 4-post racks housing some patch panels, switches, and a couple servers to eight full size racks in a data center. It was a moon landing size upgrade ...

Cisco Live 2014

Well here we are again. Cisco Live 2014 and it’s in San Francisco this year. So far I am enjoying the conference. It is definitely a lot better experience the second time around. That first time is just so beyond anything you can possibly prepare for. This year I came prepared for the chaos and also had the ability to have a co-worker go with me. Which helps not be alone in the sea of crazy. Also, unlike last year, I have both had a friend in town that can show me around and let me fill some down town and I...

Suprise, Windows has a functioning system imaging utility.

Back almost a decade ago I put together my first really nice gaming rig. It was an AMD machine with all sorts of get up and go. I'll spare all the details here because they are not that important now days. However, as part of this screaming machine I purchased a set of brand new off the press Western Digital Raptor hard drives. These were SATA drives that ran at 10,000 RPM. AT the time, that was insane. They have a brilliant 5.4 second seek time and could just kill any of the 7,200 RPM competition. So why d...

HTC One Google-ish Edition, A How To

Weeks back I spent the day in Grand Rapids at a network security demonstration. A contest between security guys and hackers. It was interesting but basically a big waist of a day. After a couple hour ride home I heading to work to drop off some co-workers that came with me. As we approached work my stomach turned I could have sworn I was going to through up. So I park on the street and ran into the building to find a bathroom. Now I don't know what made me sick that day but I do know that I spent 15 awful m...

Cisco Live, the Half Way Mark

Well it’s my third day in Orlando and my second day attending Cisco Live. I have to say as my first time at Cisco Live and really my first time a major conference I’m really getting a little over loaded. Granted today was a lot better than yesterday. Learning the lay out of the conference and the schedule of the buses and food. Trying to digest all the information of a break out just as you’re walking into another one. Over whelming can be an understatement, especially when at the end of all that you drop i...

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